Other regulations and permits for events

As event manager, you must ensure that your event does not cause security, fire safety, environmental or health & safety risks. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and guidelines.

In addition to the police event permit, you might need to apply for further permits, for example if you are holding a competition, organising a lottery, or intending to serve food or alcoholic beverages. You can contact the City of Stockholm's evenemangslots. 

Serving alcoholic beverages

To serve alcoholic beverages, a permit is required from the Permits and Licences Unit of the Social Services Administration

Social Services Administration
Telephone: 08-508 25 800
Email: tillstandsenheten@stockholm.se 

Serving and selling food

Serving and selling food may require a permit from the Food Control Department of the Environment Administration.

Environment Administration
Telephone: 08-508 288 88
Email: livs@stockholm.se

Event tents

Permits for event tents are issued by the police.

In order to ensure fire safety, event tents that accommodate more than 150 people must have a certificate of approval issued by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden or equivalent. Small tents must be positioned in accordance with Fire Service directives, designed according to these directives, and compliant with Chapter 2, Section 12 of the Public Order Act.


Motorsport competitions and shows are subject to permit under the Public Order Act. Motorsport tracks are also required to report under the Swedish Environmental Code. This report must be made well in advance, in conjunction with the application for a right-of-use permit, and submitted to the Environment Administration. Please note that the application processing period is at least six weeks.

Competitions with cars, bikes, skis, etc

For competitions with vehicles on the road, a special permit is required from the County Administrative Board.

Vehicles include cars, motorbikes and bikes as well as inline skates, skis, roller skates, wheelchairs etc. A permit is also required from the police authority if there are installations of any kind, for example fluid stations, start areas or finish areas.


Non-profit associations can apply for a special permit for local lotteries from the Sports Administration. 

Sports Administration
Email: lotteri.idrott@stockholm.se

For major lotteries, a permit is required from the County Administrative Board (for county lotteries) or the Swedish Gambling Authority (for national lotteries).

Events on water

For public events on water, a permit from the County Administrative Board may be required.

Flammable products at events, e.g. bottled gas

You can find information and application forms for permits for flammable products at events on the Fire Service’s website.

Lighting fires

Please note that the lighting of fires is prohibited for environmental reasons, except for the burning of garden waste between Weeks 18 and 40. If you have any questions, please contact the Environment Administration.

Environment Administration
Telephone: 08-508 28 800
Email: miljoforvaltningen@stockholm.se

Noise levels and music events

It is the event organiser's responsibility to ensure that noise levels are in compliance with current recommended levels. The Environment Administration is responsible for supervising compliance.

Things to bear in mind when organising an event – High noise levels at events (pdf, 147 kB, new window)

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